The quality control of our products starts from the sourcing of the seeds for the production of the oil. It is ensured that only the selected healthy seeds are used for the production of the oil.

Whenever there is the need to procure crude Vegetable oil, we check that the oil meets all the pre-established specifications by running various analysis it, before the procurement.

Comprehensive physio-chemical analysis is done on every batch of the refined oil before packaging to ensure that the oil meets the quality standards.

After the packaging, the batch samples of the oil are finally analised in the laboratory and all the quality tests must be confirmed passed, before the product is made open to the market.

3-Stage Final Analysis Process

  1. Laboratory analysis of the products to meet pre-etablished specification.

  2. Organoleptic sensory tasting of the oil to ensure neutrality of taste of the oil in line with the oil type.

  3. Heating the oil to a pre-determined temperature and frying with the oil to ensure that it measures up to the expected standards.

These quality control measures are strictly observed before the finished products are rolled out into the markets.

The quality of all products are guaranteed for the shelf life shown on the product label and pack.

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